Why another networking group?

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Okay, I don’t mean to offend anyone, but  if you love attending normal networking events then you should probably stop reading now.

There are a ton of us that would rather go to the dentist than attend a typical networking event. You know the type of event where people stand up and give a 10 second sales pitch about  what someone does and why others should get to know them. To be clear, if you have what you consider to be a clever go to pitch then we really don’t want you at our events. For us such a person is like an early morning religious zealot who bashes on our doors interfering with our pursuit of the morning news and blissful sipping of a tasty cup of coffee. If you are one of the people I’ve described above or enjoy events at which this time-honored tradition takes place then know you won’t enjoy Dive Bar Networking. To be honest, we’d prefer you not show up at all.

So what is Dive Bar Networking?

It is a place for people to gather in the hopes new friendships and ideas will germinate. It is a low-key, dimly lit (everyone looks better in low lighting), relaxed setting for interesting individuals to gather for a couple of hours each month. It is a place where the drinks are reasonably priced and the service providers might have cutting senses of humor. It is a place you can shed some of your professional protective armor knowing you are safe and among friends.

We don’t promise mass turnouts or that you’ll land your next client. We only promise to always strive to make it fun and ever changing.  We do sincerely hope people will meet and do business together. However, we purposeful intend for it be a natural by-product, not the focus of our gatherings.

So if what you’ve read sounds appealing, then come hangout with us at our next event we’d love to meet you and share a beverage while we swap stories.