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Dive Bar Networking @ Kelly’s Olympian Thurs July 25th

Kelly's Olympian Logo

You are going to love Kelly’s Olympian. It is the place you’ve walked passed a bunch of times, but where afraid to enter. Now you have the perfect excuse to come on into the “biker bar” you’ve longed to visit. I don’t want to ruin anything for you. But, if you’ve never been inside Kelly’s, it isn’t scary. It is just flat-out cool!

Kelly’s is filled with old gas station memorabilia, old motorcycles hang from the ceiling and an awesome red vinyl  corner bench seating in the back. We are going to try to set up shop back there, but it is popular, so no promises!

Last word of advice on Kelly’s, if you want a drink you need to go to the bar. No one is going to come and serve you.  So don’t be shy, step up and place your order!

The Details

Where: Kelly’s Olympian,  426 SW Washington, Portland, OR 97204  (SW 4th and Washington) 

When: Thurs. July 25th, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm or (whenever your significant other demands you get home.) 

Why: Nothings better than a great dive bar and making new friends.

Other: Bring a friend, if you have one. 

Questions: chris.antrim@hotmail.comDive Bar Networkers Logo red white and black


About Chris Antrim

I am a writer, consultant, executive coach and public speaker regarding sales management and the building of high performance teams.

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