Kingston Bar & Grill, Wednesday September 16th


Kingston Bar and Grill

Dive Bar Networking took a little time off, but we are back at it again. We’ll be meeting at the famous or infamous, Kingston Bar & Grill. Don’t worry it is definitely a dive bar which is fully packed during every home Timbers match. I started to set the event date for the week prior, but luckily thought to check the Timbers schedule.

I might suggest you wear a hard hat because during a visit last year a light fixture fell from the ceiling and narrowly missed me which of course called for celebration (another beer!). I confident the odds are slim anything will fall from the ceiling, but should it happen at least you’ve been warned.

 hard hat

It has been a long time since we’ve gathered. I look forward to catching up with old friends and looking forward to seeing many new faces. If you are wondering why the…

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