Dive Bar Networking coming to Texas!


AA016068The Lone Star State will soon hold its first official Dive Bar Networking event. Martina Boeger, Keller Williams Real Eastate Broker, my friend and past co-worker, is leading up the charge to bring what Portlanders have grown to love to Conroe, Texas.

Texans will soon be meeting old friends and making new ones in fun unique venues. So if you find yourself in Conroe, Texas, make sure you keep a watchful eye out for Dive Bar Networking.

Join me in welcoming new fellow Dive Bar Networkers!



Looks like I need to “dive” down to Texas.

I am going to need to go get a cowboy hat, dust off my boots, saddle up my bronco and head down to a watering hole in Conroe!


Brian at Yamhill Pub

 Portland’s Dive Bar Networker and fantastic CPA,  Brian Annand, is thrilled to hear about Dive Bar Networking starting in Texas!

Martina Boeger

Silver Spoon Bistro, April 24th, 5-7 pm

Dive Bar Networking Silver Spoon Bistro Apri 17th

I know what you are thinking. “Hey, this doesn’t sound like a Dive Bar!”

You are correct, it isn’t a Dive Bar. But, hey you are a Dive Bar Networker, so you already know going to a Dive Bar is a state of mind. You’ll be upset to learn the service at Silver Spoon is fantastic and it is well-lit. For once you’ll be able to clearly see your fellow Dive Bar Networker which might be a good or bad thing.

Okay the truth is my niece owns Silver Spoon Bistro and she is awesome. I thought a little change of pace would be good for us. I promise the following month I’ll make up for how nice Silver Spoon is by picking a super shady venue.

In the mean time, bring your Dive Bar mentality and a friend with you on April 24th.

We are sure to have a good time because we always do!

Silver Spoon Bistro
1211 SW 5th Ave
Portland, OR 97204

Dive Bar Networkers Logo red white and black

Wed., Sept. 25th, Shanghai Tunnel, 5-7 pm

Shanghai TunnelI must admit, I am especially looking forward to exploring the Shanghai Tunnel.


It is dark.
It is mysterious.
It is a little spooky.
It is perfect!

I don’t suggest you come alone. We all know what used to happen in the Shanghai Tunnel back in the old days. I’d hate for anyone to wake up to find themself put out to sea on an undesired ocean bound voyage.

Shanghai Tunnel 3

Where: Shanghai Tunnel, 211 Sw Ankeny St Portland, OR 97204
When: Wednesday, September 25th, 5-7 pm




Shanghai Tunnel 2

Dive Bar Networking, Thursday, August 29th at Momo, 725 SW 10th Ave


Okay now we are getting serious! We are going to be visiting a place I have never personally been. I hear it has a fantastic outside seating area which has me scared it might prove to be too nice, but I have found many great dive bars have outstanding hidden patios.

So if you’ve been too scared to join us in the past, this might just be the ticket for you!


Bring a friend and come thirsty because MOMO is sure to be a great venue.

Time: 5 pm to 7 pm

(or whenever your significant other demands you get home.)

Dive Bar Networkers Logo red white and black



Dive Bar Networking @ Kelly’s Olympian Thurs July 25th

Kelly's Olympian Logo

You are going to love Kelly’s Olympian. It is the place you’ve walked passed a bunch of times, but where afraid to enter. Now you have the perfect excuse to come on into the “biker bar” you’ve longed to visit. I don’t want to ruin anything for you. But, if you’ve never been inside Kelly’s, it isn’t scary. It is just flat-out cool!

Kelly’s is filled with old gas station memorabilia, old motorcycles hang from the ceiling and an awesome red vinyl  corner bench seating in the back. We are going to try to set up shop back there, but it is popular, so no promises!

Last word of advice on Kelly’s, if you want a drink you need to go to the bar. No one is going to come and serve you.  So don’t be shy, step up and place your order!

The Details

Where: Kelly’s Olympian,  426 SW Washington, Portland, OR 97204  (SW 4th and Washington) 

When: Thurs. July 25th, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm or (whenever your significant other demands you get home.) 

Why: Nothings better than a great dive bar and making new friends.

Other: Bring a friend, if you have one. 

Questions: chris.antrim@hotmail.comDive Bar Networkers Logo red white and black


Dive Bar Networkers, Thur. June 27th, Cheerful Bullpen

Dive Bar Networking Cheerful Bullpen Details June 27th

It’s time to go “diving” again! Have you ever been to the Cheerful Bullpen? If not then this is your chance to check out a Portland landmark. Don’t be worried you’ll find plenty of deep fried food, well priced “well drinks” and an ample selection of all your favorite beers.

We loved going to the Jack London, but its time to start exploring all the other great dive bars Portland offers!

So grab a friend and join us Thursday, June 27th for a great time.


Dive Bar Networkers Logo red white and black

Thursday April 25th, Dive Bar Networking, The Jack London Bar

Dive Bar Networkers Logo red white and black

Bring the friend who is too good for a “dive bar.”

You know the one!

Dive Bar Networking April 25th

There is going to be a little unexpected entertainment this time.

We’d hate for you to miss it!

Why another networking group?

Dive Bar Networkers Logo

Okay, I don’t mean to offend anyone, but  if you love attending normal networking events then you should probably stop reading now.

There are a ton of us that would rather go to the dentist than attend a typical networking event. You know the type of event where people stand up and give a 10 second sales pitch about  what someone does and why others should get to know them. To be clear, if you have what you consider to be a clever go to pitch then we really don’t want you at our events. For us such a person is like an early morning religious zealot who bashes on our doors interfering with our pursuit of the morning news and blissful sipping of a tasty cup of coffee. If you are one of the people I’ve described above or enjoy events at which this time-honored tradition takes place then know you won’t enjoy Dive Bar Networking. To be honest, we’d prefer you not show up at all.

So what is Dive Bar Networking?

It is a place for people to gather in the hopes new friendships and ideas will germinate. It is a low-key, dimly lit (everyone looks better in low lighting), relaxed setting for interesting individuals to gather for a couple of hours each month. It is a place where the drinks are reasonably priced and the service providers might have cutting senses of humor. It is a place you can shed some of your professional protective armor knowing you are safe and among friends.

We don’t promise mass turnouts or that you’ll land your next client. We only promise to always strive to make it fun and ever changing.  We do sincerely hope people will meet and do business together. However, we purposeful intend for it be a natural by-product, not the focus of our gatherings.

So if what you’ve read sounds appealing, then come hangout with us at our next event we’d love to meet you and share a beverage while we swap stories.